Are You Ready to Finally Have a Body and Life You Love?

The End of Dieting

Stop Working Against Yourself

The conventional strategies you’ve applied in the past always end in failure because they work against your biological and psychological programming (it’s not your fault!)..

Rules & Restriction

All forms of counting and tracking calories are obsessive and sabotage your relationship with food.

Excessive Exercise

Excessive exercise, especially cardio, drives up inflammation and promotes increased hunger and body fat storage.


Dieting isn’t fun or enjoyable. It requires the finite resources of “willpower” and “discipline” and decreases your happiness.

Poor Nutrition

Dieting is concerned with weight loss, not health. It almost always leads to a state of malnutrition.

Harmful Psychology

Dieting fails to heal your relationship with food, body, and self. In most cases, it causes more dysfunction.

Disordered Life

If you work really hard to succeed at Dieting, you end up with a body you love and a life you hate.

It's Time for a New Approach

If you want to get to where you want to get, you have to do what you haven’t done. It’s time for an authentic, long-term blueprint that respects your biological and psychological programming.

It’s time for a revolution in health and fitness. The days of “eat less and exercise more” must be put behind us, along with the diets, fitness DVD programs, gimmicks, shakes, pills, and weight loss game shows.

The old model treated the symptoms with logical — yet blatantly false — theories: calories, macronutrient ratios, an emphasis on cardiovascular exercise, fat avoidance, meat avoidance, whole grains, the demonization of saturated fat, and “heart healthy” vegetable oils, to name a few.

Late night television and gyms across the country were over-run with fitness programs. Exercise was the savior — the be-all, end-all of reaching your weight loss, health, and performance goals; all of which were mostly empty, superficial goals based on vanity and little else.

The important goals you may have had were never addressed. The health and fitness industry took a hardline stance that “sex sells” and made your goals for you: “Stop worrying about feeding your body and changing your relationship with food. If you look like the guy or girl on the cover of this magazine, you’ve won.”

That is a trap though. The people on the cover of the magazine don’t exist: the guy is dehydrated and the girl is airbrushed. But, the headlines are catchy and you hope that the words on the pages will change you in 12 weeks or less.

Here’s the truth: even if you win that game, you lose. You end up with a body you love and a life you hate.

The new approach focuses on lifelong success by addressing the real issues and challenges you face as an individual rather than using lies and gimmicks to treat symptoms. It stops using rules to control and shame you, and instead equips you with powerful tools that you can use to be successful under any circumstances. This is the philosophy Total Body Reboot was designed with…


3 Simple Principles

1) Eat.

Discover how to nourish your body and soul with real, whole foods because it’s not *how much* you eat, it’s *what* you eat.

2) Move.

Move your body in functional ways. Ditch the cardio, excessive exercise, & boring routines. Don’t tear yourself down, build yourself up.

3) Live.

Heal your relationship with food, body, and self. Heal your triggers and manipulators. Realize your full potential as a human being.

The Success Formula

Based On Our Three Cs of Success

Total Body Reboot isn’t just a curriculum, it’s a complete program that blends a personalized curriculum with dynamic coaching and a responsive community.

Personalized Curriculum

The most advanced online curriculum in the world responds to your individual needs and leads you step by step through your transformation.

Dynamic Coaching

Get on-demand access to our expert coaching team to smash through challenges, get accountability, and personalize the program to your needs.

Responsive Community

Engage with our private online community and interact with other Rebooters around the world who are on the same journey as you.

Expertly Designed Based on Years of Leading Men & Women to a Body & Life They Love


Discover How to Nourish Your Body, Dogma-Free...

You will learn how to feed your body in a way that aligns with your biological programming and identify the “vampire foods” that are draining your energy and driving up inflammation.

Get Your Hormones Back in Alignment, Naturally...

Blood sugar hormones, sex hormones, stress hormones…they’re so important to your success. The Total Body Reboot protocol gets them back in alignment naturally.



Make Your Gut Happy Again...

If your gut isn’t healthy fat loss will be impossible, your energy levels will tank, and your inflammation will skyrocket. The Total Body Reboot protocol naturally restores optimal gut function.

Build a Foundation of Strength...

Our 6 week bodyweight strength training program is designed to build a foundation of strength. It’s based on short but intense 20 minute workouts twice a week.



Shred Fat with High Intensity Interval Training...

With only one short interval training session per week (20 minutes) you can set your metabolism on fire, burn fat faster, and achieve a leaner, more athletic look. We’ll show you how.

Build Lean Muscle with Functional Resistance Training...

Our 8 week functional resistance training program will guide you to adding lean muscle with only two 20 minute workouts per week. No gym required! They’re not too short to get amazing results…trust us.



Be the Most Flexible, Mobile, an Agile You've Ever Been...

Total Body Reboot includes a complete mobility and flexibility program for unlocking maximum range of motion, healing pain points, and preventing injuries.

Reboot Your Sleep for Fat Loss, Happiness, and Productivity...

Low quality or low quantity sleep is a leading cause of low energy and weight gain. Total Body Reboot offers a complete solution for Rebooting your sleep for a host of powerful benefits.



Master Consistency & Never Fall Off The Wagon Again

The Total Body Reboot success rate is so high because it includes an expertly designed eating psychology curriculum that will heal your eating triggers and show you how to consistently align your behavior with your good intentions. No more yo-yo results!

Sustainable Results That Matter...

These are just some of the reported (and medically verified in many cases) benefits that men and women have received in Total Body Reboot…

Fat Loss
Improved Digestion
Improved Cholesterol
Increased Metabolism
Healthier Skin, Hair, and Nails
Improved Energy Levels
Improved Sex Drive
Functional Strength Increases

Improved Endurance
Reduction in Inflammatory Markers
Improved Blood Pressure
Improved Blood Sugar
Significant Reduction in Stress
Increased Stress Tolerance
Reduction in Medications
A Truce With Food

Healthy Environment, Healthy Body

You’re not overweight, out of shape, unhealthy, or unhappy because you “lack willpower” or “lack discipline” or any other “your fault” messaging perpetrated on you by the health and fitness industry.

Let’s take the emotion out of it. Your body and mind simply respond to the environment that you’re currently living in. Unhealthy inputs promote unhealthy results. Healthy inputs promote healthy results.

Here’s the crazy part: The mainstream “eat less, move more” mentality leads you to create an unhealthy environment.

Severe calorie restriction, chronic cardio, rules, shame, guilt—these are all antithetical to a healthy mind and body.

All of the goals you have for yourself can be achieved by making your immediate environment—food, movement, and lifestyle habits—legitimately healthy. That’s where sustainable fat loss, vibrant health, and true happiness come from.

That’s what Total Body Reboot is based on. It’s not a diet. It’s not a gimmick weight loss program. It’s a program that makes you verifiably healthier so you can enjoy all the natural side effects of that.

Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

Total Body Reboot works because it’s based on authentic principles of feeding your body food that it was biologically programmed to eat, moving in functional ways, and bringing other important lifestyle factors into alignment.

But those principles alone mean very little when it comes to succeeding long-term. Even if you follow Total Body Reboot principles, you can fail long-term if you don’t address things like unhealthy eating triggers, a poor relationship with food, a poor relationship with body and Self, social eating challenges, sugar addiction, and so on.

We recognize this, which is why Total Reboot was designed to work with you on these eating psychology challenges.

Not only does the Total Body Reboot curriculum contain eating psychology guidance, principles, and exercises, but your access to coaching from us means that we can jump in and help you personally with the challenges you face as well.

This is a major aspect of the program that makes Total Body Reboot unbelievably powerful and unique. And we know it’s why we have a staggeringly high graduation rate of over 82%.

If your inner-psychology is fighting against you, there’s no hope regardless of the program you’re doing. Get your mind right and you will find success for the rest of your life. That’s what Total Body Reboot is about.

From The Creator of Total Body Reboot...


I went through my own personal transformation in 2009—from 220 pounds with high blood pressure and pre-diabetes to 165 pounds and normal health markers. All in a single year.

But Total Body Reboot is not just a copy of the process I applied to my life. I believe that’s the mistake so many “experts” in the health and fitness industry make. They think that because something worked for them that it will work for everyone. That’s just not true.

Total Body Reboot started out loosely based on the process that I went through, but it’s been changed and honed over the years based on what my team and I have learned working closely with men and women in over 30 countries around the world.

This is one of the key reasons why Total Body Reboot is so popular and why we have an 82% graduation rate. And it’s why we believe that Total Body Reboot will work for you—not just now, but for the rest of your life.


A Comprehensive Program.

Total Body Reboot includes everything you need to be successful long-term. Take a look…

Five Guided Stages

A complete step by step game plan for implementing the nutrition, movement, and behavior psychology principles of Total Body Reboot.

Dynamic Coaching

Our expert coaching staff is available to help you personalize the curriculum to your individual needs, answer questions, and help you overcome obstacles during your Reboot.

Group Coaching Calls

Participate in our live group coaching calls twice per month—recorded calls where you can ask questions, present challenges, and hear how other Rebooters are doing.

Private Online Community

Connect with other Rebooters around the world for accountability and moral support in our private Facebook group.

Functional Fitness & Movement

6 weeks of bodyweight strength training. 8 weeks of functional resistance training. Interval training. And DWYLT. It’s all mapped out and presented in HD video.

Interactive Assessments

We use interactive assessments to identify the areas that you need to work on most for the greatest impact in the shortest amount of time.

Shopping Guides

Stuck or frustrated when it comes to shopping? We get you started off on the right foot without beginner shopping guide.

Sample Recipes

Not sure what to eat? Head over to our sortable sample recipe system and get great ideas. Plus, Rebooters are always sharing great recipes in the support group.

Optional Lab Testing

If you want to end the “guess and check” game, we have an array of lab tests for getting concrete insight on what’s going on inside your body.

Start Your Reboot

Choose a plan that best fits your budget.
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  • Lifetime Access
  • 4 Months Coaching
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$119monthly x 5
  • Lifetime Access
  • 4 Months Coaching
  • Free Spouse Account

All Plans Include...

The Total Body Reboot 5 Stage Curriculum
6 Months Unlimited Coaching via our Online Coaching System
LIVE Group Coaching Calls Twice Per Month
Private Online Forum Access (Support Community)
Sortable Sample Recipe System

Complete Starter Shopping Guide
6 Week Bodyweight Strength Program
8 Week Functional Resistance Training Program
4 Week Mobility & Flexibility Program
On-Demand HD Video of All Exercises

BONUS: REM Rehab Premium Sleep Guide
BONUS: Complete Guide to Fats
BONUS: “Is It Healthy?” Guide to Eating
Free Account & Coaching for Spouses
100%, 60 day money back guarantee.


See What Rebooters Are Saying

We have worked with men and women in over 30 countries around the world. Here’s what some of them have said…

So I got engaged last December and was planning on a big (25k) June wedding. Well, on Friday I came to my senses and cancelled the wedding and now we are doing a small (6k or less) November wedding. I've been a bit nervous about fitting into the dress I bought, because the last time I tried it on (before TBR) we struggled to zip it and it didn't close all the way at the top. I've said this before, I've had my fair share of struggles in this program and haven't felt that I've hit it with 100% success, HOWEVER, even with 70-80% success and no "dieting", I tried that dress on last night and it zipped all the way up without much of a struggle!

I can't express how happy I am that I've found the "secret" to getting to a happy weight without harming myself. I'm not stressed about having to "diet" to get into my wedding dress at the end of November, because I know eating real food will actually be good for me, achieve the same or better result and I won't be starving myself or harming myself.
Sierra Durfee | Total Body Reboot Client
My mood is stable and I’m sleeping like a baby. Concentration has improved. Menstrual cycle has regulated. Libido increased. Cravings are almost non-existant. I am a new person! I just feel healthy and strong.
Nicole Schmidt
Total Body Reboot Client
I feel much better about the way I eat and I’m never hungry! I am very excited that I was able to lose 8.6 pounds in stage one — without exercise! Can’t wait to start the next stage Kevin!
Sara Myers | Total Body Reboot Client
I’m down 11 lbs., almost to the weight I was in high school. I’m 47 and I have lost more of my gut than with any cleanse, fast or even being Vegan. I've made more progress in less time than with anything in the past!
Alex Del Rio | Total Body Reboot Client
I’ve lost 28 pounds so far! I’m so inspired and gained so much confidence I decided to do an obstacle race! I’m so ready for next month. By the way this program works!
Dan Giles | Total Body Reboot Client
I hit the 50 lb loss mark this morning! 20 lbs down in 6 months through measuring, calorie counting, shame, obsessiveness...then 30 lbs down in 6 months through Total Body Reboot and FREEDOM from all of that. Oh and not to mention, 7 inches gone from my stomach thanks to Total Body Reboot!
Jody Walker | Total Body Reboot Client
I’m down 2 dress sizes and still losing about 1lb per week. But I’m eating as much as I can eat! It still amazes me how easy this has been after years of battling a steadily expanding waistline.
Dawn D. | Total Body Reboot Client
Straight-up, I am loving this new way of life! I'm making great progress with NO hunger, walking almost every day, and even my kids are getting into this. So thankful!
Billy Wilson | Total Body Reboot Client
I'm about to start stage two and I'm super duper excited. I haven't failed nor have I been perfect during the first stage but what I DO HAVE is a better understanding of mindset. I take my journal everywhere and look forward to writing in it. I'm really "seeing" life differently through your program. I knew I had emotional connections linked with weight loss and now I can see how our minds/emotions play a part in how we function on a daily basis. Mind blowing! I see that how I've acted about my body/looks has affected my 18 year old daughter. I want to help her see how beautiful she is and stop worrying about her legs, butt, etc. Those are the body parts I always picked apart and that's what she's doing now. I know hard days will come but I also know LOTS of good days will come too so I'll keep plugging along absorbing and applying everything you're teaching. Thank you!
Joanna Storlie | Total Body Reboot Client
It’s only been a week since I started Total Body Reboot. I feel 85% better! I have not had a single lightheadedness episode since Sunday. I have positive healing under my arm (eczema) and most of my nagging joint aches are gone. Sleeping is better too! I am so grateful for this program.
Jessica Sullivan | Total Body Reboot Client
I feel fantastic compared to 30 days ago! 30 days I ago I was bloated, ready to go up another pants size and my digestive system was a mess. Today, I feel lighter, sleeping like a baby and no joint pain when I wake up, pants are loose and I can visually see the difference. I didn't need the scale to tell me I had lost a good amount of weight :)
Lisa S | Total Body Reboot Client
I am stunned at how quickly the body responds to this regimen! People were commenting on superficial changes after only about twelve days, and I’d lost about 15lbs in three weeks. It hasn’t been a piece of cake, but the lack of digestive distress and fatigue I’d grown accustomed to after every meal has been a great motivator in keeping me focused. I’m curious to see what month 2 has in store; in the meantime, thank you for the program!
Shaun Dixon | Total Body Reboot Client
I am 92 days into Total Body Reboot and for the first time I am looking at my relationship to food very differently. I’m dropping pant sizes and I am sleeping better and feeling more energy than ever before--feeling so thankful for Total Body Reboot!
Lisa Straker | Total Body Reboot Client
I have to gloat for just a second. Im 74 days into this and have probably dropped multiple sizes. I fit into some clothes I haven't been able to fit into in a very. long. while. Feeling good today! Overall stress and anxiety is so much lower too. Total Body Reboot has been such a blessing in my life.
Erika Sharek | Total Body Reboot Client
I am so inspired and motivated by my results! My usually fluctuating blood pressure has been stable since the end of the first week! I can tell my blood sugar has stabilized too, which was a huge goal for me. I feel alive again. At 63, Total Body Reboot has been an eye-opening and life-altering experience.
Judy Holmes | Total Body Reboot Client
I'm loving this program and can't imagine ever wanting to eat another way again. No counting calories? No weighing/tracking food? No scales? No obsessiveness? Yes please! I've become a disciple and tell at least two people a day about Total Body Reboot! It's literally the best investment I've ever made in myself.
Sonya Berry | Total Body Reboot Client

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the questions we receive most often about the Total Body Reboot program. If you don’t find your question answered here, click the chat button in the lower right corner.

If you’ve struggled with weight for most of your life (or even just recently), you’re tired of the yo-yo cycle of weight loss and weight gain, and sick of waging a war against food and your body then you’re a perfect candidate—Total Body Reboot was designed for you.

It’s for men and women who want to finally win (for good). It’s for men and women who want a step-by-step, proven process. It’s for men and women who want to win faster and with less stress. It’s for men and women who want someone on their side who knows what’s going on physically and mentally to guide them, hold them accountable and help them when things get tricky.

If you’re looking for another “duct tape diet,” infomercial fitness product, or quick weight loss gimmick, Total Body Reboot is NOT for you.

Total Body Reboot is radically different in the way it combines the science of real-food nutrition and functional movement with psychology, support, and personalization.

We know that if you do the work, you will achieve amazing results in your body and mind. This is a proven program. And it’s not proven with athletes and young people—it’s proven with people who specifically said that nothing else worked for them.

It’s been proven with people who are 300 pounds overweight, people who are 15 pounds overweight, people who areunderweight, people who are in their late 70s…all shapes, sizes, and ages.

We’re challenging you to think differently, to behave differently, and to become the person you’re meant to be.

You can’t get results by osmosis, though. You must do the work.We put a tremendous amount of time and energy into this program. You need to match that energy. We have a zero tolerance policy for tire kickers or people with outrageous expectations.

Enrollment is open at all times. You get access to stage one and other bonus content immediately upon enrolling and can begin right away.

Of course, we know you’re busy, so we’ve designed the program so you can’t fall behind. You’ll learn at your own convenience and the training materials will be there for you for as long as you need them. And you get lifetime access so there’s never a “race to win” mentality.

As a rough estimate, you’ll spend a few hours a week. That’s based on participation in all parts of the program as well as the exercise components.

Make no mistake, becoming as successful as you’re meant to be is no walk in the park. There are no “magic pills” or “fast results.” This program mirrors the reality of life—it’s comprehensive and requires hard work. And that’s what makes it deeply rewarding.

Total Body Reboot is a unique hybrid program. It’s self-led when you want it to be, one-on-one support-driven when you want it to be, and group-support driven when you want it to be. The curriculum guides you, but you can reach out any time when you need one-on-one help and support. The community and group coaching calls are also available to you when you need them.

This is the most effective program model because it fits everyone’s situation and personality. This model also allows us to personalize the program to your individual needs and help you troubleshoot any issues. As we work with you one-on-one, we have the opportunity to get your feedback and address your specific challenges. There is no one-size-fits-all advice.

  • The Total Body Reboot 5 Stage Curriculum
  • 6 Months Unlimited Coaching via our Online Coaching System
  • LIVE coaching calls twice a month
  • Private Online Forum Access (Support Community)
  • Mindset & Psychology Exercises via Email
  • Sortable Sample Recipe System
  • Complete Starter Shopping Guide
  • 6 Week Bodyweight Strength Program
  • 8 Week Functional Resistance Training Program
  • On-Demand HD Video of All Exercises
  • BONUS: REM Rehab Premium Sleep Guide
  • BONUS: Complete Guide to Fats
  • BONUS: “Is It Healthy?” Guide to Eating
  • A FREE account and coaching for your spouse.
  • A 100%, 60 day money back guarantee.

The curriculum is delivered via a combination of an interactive online curriculum, PDF downloads (if you want), emails, short online videos, audio, group coaching (conference call), and one-on-one coaching and support (via our one-click support system).

The diversity of delivery is designed to stimulate all learning styles and to deliver each lesson in a format that’s most appropriate to convey that specific information. It’s organized in a way that’s very easy to navigate and keep up with. If you can send an email, you can easily follow this program.

The first rule of Total Body Reboot is that there are no rules. It’s built on a “tools, not rules” philosophy. You can think of Total Body Reboot as the process of “unDieting” — freedom from the obsessive, ineffective, one-size-fits-all, band-aid style recommendations.

The other key aspect about this program is that it’s built for the real world. Whether you’re a stay at home mom or a busy corporate CEO traveling the world and eating out of restaurants, we give you a game plan that leads to success under any circumstances.

There are no curriculum or coaching differences between the two memberships. You’re simply choosing the best option for your budget.

As a policy, we do not use before and after photos in our marketing. We feel that they put too much of an emphasis on getting a “perfect” body (which results in having a life you hate) and neglect the myriad of other health and happiness benefits that come with doing an authentic program like Total Body Reboot.

It’s also common knowledge that before and after photos are easily faked, so they can’t be trusted as a measuring stick for a program’s effectiveness anyhow. We realize that not using before and after photos may hurt our membership numbers, but we believe this is an important principle to stand by. Our testimonials are 100% real and that’s what we’ve chosen to lean on.

Total Body Reboot is a return to simplicity and sanity. Everything you’ll be eating is freely available in your local grocery store, market, and even restaurants.

We’ll give you strategies for “upping your game” such as buying local and choosing organic, but you can be successful on this program regardless of where you live or the extent of your food budget.

Absolutely. Give us a call toll free at (855) 487-2375.

No. There are no required pills or supplements. We do have some general supplement recommendations, but they are always optional and never required.

This program was designed to help people with varying histories and challenges. Every subsequent stage is designed to help you grow into your new lifestyle and the program is extremely easy to tailor to your individual needs. If you’re out of shape, this program was designed for you!

Absolutely not. Spouses have always been included at no additional charge. I know how wonderful it is to go through this program with your spouse and how it increases the chances of success. Our policy has been and will always be that spouses are included!

If your spouse is not interested, I recommend doing it alone. It’s not required that your spouse participate (or that you constantly nag them about it). Take responsibility for YOU. Many times, hesitant spouses will jump on board once they see the changes happening with you.

Creating a healthy environment for the body and mind to thrive in requires giving it everything it needs, and that means the inclusion of animal products (fish at minimum).

For this reason, the program supports certain Vegetarians (if you eat fish and eggs), but not Vegans.

If you want to join Total Body Reboot, do it now. Think about this: there’s never a time in life when you’re ever truly “ready” to do anything. You will always be busy and always doubt your “readiness.”

If you’re worried about starting because you’re busy or there are other things going on in your life, think about it this way: Our goal is to show you how to win in the real world. That means winning even when things are stressful. You’ll get the most of out our coaching when you’re overcoming challenges. Don’t wait until you have a bunch of downtime—you don’t want to rely on perfect conditions to get a body and life you love.

And while the program will continue to be available, we cannot guarantee that it will be at the current price. Total Body Reboot has already undergone five price increases since we launched it in early 2013. Tuition increases happen without warning as we hit specific membership numbers.

Yes. We are fully committed to helping you change your body, mind, and life. If you do the work and don’t feel we’ve delivered on our promise, we’ll happily refund 100% of your money. This refund policy exists so that you can verify that we’re serious about helping you—but we need you to be serious about helping yourself as well…

To be eligible for a refund, we require your completed work from all available modules. This means you must take action in this program. We know that if you take action and do the work, you’ll get results. If you do the work and don’t get value, then we don’t deserve your money and we’ll cheerfully refund you 100% of your tuition.

We do this because we’re looking for serious and committed men and women only. We take our coaching environment seriously and maintain a very high standard of positivity, encouragement, and action-oriented learning. We invest time and resources into every Rebooter — if you’re just going to sign up so you can kick the can further down the road and then ask for a refund, don’t expect one.

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Ready to finally get a body and life you love? Let's get started...
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