The gap between your behavior and your good intentions is about to vanish...

Decode Your Cravings gives you powerful guidance and tools to overcome inconsistency, end failure & frustration, and make your healthy habits stick, for life.

Inconsistency is the number one challenge stopping men and women from ‘living a healthy lifestyle.’

“I know what I need to be doing, I just can’t do it on a day-to-day basis. I don’t feel like I’m in control.”

That’s because you’re *not* in control. Your “manipulators” are. The foods you choose, whether you work out or not, how much sleep you get, and every other healthy habit that matters to you is influenced by these manipulators. More on that later…

How do we know inconsistency is the number one challenge people face? We asked them…

Thousands of people are introduced to our community each day. We ask every single person who joins our email list what their biggest struggle is and almost every response contains the words…

Consistency • Motivation • Willpower • Discipline

All four of these terms are related. Motivation, willpower, and discipline are all ingredients to CONSISTENCY. Or so you might think…

That’s actually not the case. Motivation (the extrinsic kind), willpower, and discipline do not promote long-term consistency. In fact, willpower and discipline are key failure triggers because they represent the force of your will.

You might think that’s a good thing, but your “inner-rebel”—the part of your personality that’s designed to protect you from oppression—sees this as living under the oppression of an iron fist. In those circumstances, your inner-rebel tries to force behavior change.

Let’s skip ahead to the ending of that story: your inner-rebel always wins.

Willpower and discipline, what we used to see as beneficial “tools,” are common triggers of self-sabotage behavior when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle.

You want to be consistent, but the strategies you’re following are leading you to failure.

That doesn’t have to be the case anymore. Decode Your Cravings is an online program based on science and psychology that gives you unprecedented access to what’s going on inside your body and your head so you can identify exactly what’s manipulating your behavior and put yourself back in the driver’s seat.

This one-of-a-kind program gives you the long-term tools for changing your relationship with food, body, and self so that you can be consistent with your healthy lifestyle choices day after day, week after week, year after year.

This is your opportunity to overcome your cravings and food challenges for the rest of your life in a way that’s free of rules, dogma, shame, guilt, and magic pills. It’s a game-changing process based on our years of experience working passionately with men and women in over 30 countries around the world.

Let us help you Decode Your Cravings so you can get back in control, nourish your body like never before, and finally enjoy life without food and fitness obsession.

The health and fitness industry has a 95% long-term failure rate. Why are you still listening to them?

The mainstream health and fitness industry has an abysmal record when it comes to solving the health and fitness challenges that men and women are facing. I’m sure you’ve felt this way—you’ve experienced the cycles of failure and frustration. The question is, “why?”

Well, there’s a few reasons. But here’s a big one…

They’ve done nothing to help heal your relationship with food, body, and self or address the day-to-day factors that are manipulating your behavior.

You fail to consistently align your behavior with your good intentions on a day-to-day basis because your behavior is being manipulated.

Manipulated how?

In Decode Your Cravings we teach a concept called “BioPsychoSocial manipulators.” These are biological, psychological, and social “triggers” that lead to altered behavior patterns and the massive gap between what you intend to do and what you actually do day-to-day…

There are over 45 common BioPsychoSocial manipulators and over 100 potential sub-manipulators. Of course, every single human being is different—we have different lives, different histories, different relationships—so not everyone is influenced by the same manipulators or even the same number of manipulators.

Through the Decode Your Cravings process, we determine the exact manipulators that are influencing you and show you exactly how to heal or eliminate them so they no longer influence your behavior.

There’s really nobody else in health and fitness talking about this—most trainers and “gurus” and “experts” are totally uninformed when it comes to the psychology of eating and behavior.

In fact, most of the advice coming out of the health and fitness industry is classified as a manipulative in Decode Your Cravings. This is because the advice they promote is inherently antagonistic—it works against your biological and psychological programming.

Calorie counting, tracking, weighing, portion control, avoiding fat, moralizing food and behavior, and following meal plans are all examples of strategies and tactics that trigger failure.

So why does the health and fitness industry promote these things as gospel? Because they’re either incompetent or intentionally sabotaging you. We don’t particularly care which one it is, our focus is on helping you escape the old paradigm and finally find success.

Here’s the kicker: even if you shun the ridiculous advice of the health and fitness industry and adopt a more sane approach to nutrition and fitness, you’ll still fail long-term if you haven’t done this work.

Only 20% of your success is mechanics (what to eat, how to exercise, etc.). The other 80% is mindset and psychology. So even people who are advocating for real food and functional fitness are still only giving you 20% of the puzzle!

Eating real whole foods, doing restorative, functional exercise, and improving all the other lifestyle factors that promote better health and wellness will only work for a little while. As soon as the newness wears off, all of your manipulators—the root causes for why you’ve continually failed—will start rearing their ugly heads and you’ll “fall off the wagon” yet again.

This is the gap that Decode Your Cravings finally closes for you. By closing this gap, you can find success for the rest of your life as you’ll be free from this pattern of manipulation and self-sabotage. And when you hit a rough patch in the future, which you will, you’ll have the tools and insight necessary to deal with it before it becomes a problem.

Success is not a once-and-done process. It’s a lifelong practice. 

By the way, this is only ONE aspect of the Decode Your Cravings program. There’s so much more…

Your Ticket to Lifelong Success...

Decode Your Cravings is a three part program that gives you long term tools for getting in control around food by addressing the EXACT parts of your life that are derailing you.

Part 1 /

  • The Diet Trap
  • The 10 Types of Cravings
  • What Real Success Looks Like
  • Meeting Your Inner-Rebel
  • Meeting Your Other Parts

Part 2 //

  • Eating Consciously
  • The Mood-Food Connection
  • Mastering Self-Talk
  • Adverse Experiences
  • BioPsychoSocial Manipulators

Part 3 ///

  • Gameplan: In-The-Moment Tactics
  • Gameplan: Core Cravings
  • Gameplan: De-Manipulation
  • Gameplan: Healing ACEs
  • Gameplan: Going Deeper

Expertly Designed Based on Years of Leading Men & Women to a Body & Life They Love


Easy to Navigate Course Modules Inform You...

Log in to the secure Decode Your Cravings course area and you’ll find access to all of the curriculum modules. These modules lead you and provide access to the corresponding assessments and workbooks.

Interactive Assessments Show You Where Work Is Needed...

Every human being is different and faces different challenges. Our revolutionary interactive assessments show you exactly what to focus on in YOUR specific life to find success.



Detailed Workbooks Guide Implementation...

Implementation is the key ingredient for success. Our workbooks show you step-by-step exactly what actions to take to make a powerful impact and see REAL results.

A Global Community Provides Peer-to-Peer Support & Accountability

Access our private, exclusive Decode Your Cravings online community and get support & accountability from men and women around the world who are on the same journey as you.



The Coaching & Support You Need

As a Decode Your Cravings member you’ll get access to unlimited email and live chat support with Kevin & Kim, access to our Private Peer-to-Peer Support Community, and access to bi-weekly LIVE group coaching calls. We’ll help you smash through obstacles like never before.

“The concept of needing more willpower to be fit and healthy is so destructive. Willpower is a tool of oppression that antagonizes people’s inner-rebel. It’s a manipulator of behavior. While it seems like a good thing to have at first glance, the idea that we need willpower is a key trigger of failure that continues to fly under the radar, sabotaging people’s efforts.”
~ Kevin Geary | Creator of Decode Your Cravings

Decode Your Craving is the Most Advanced, Authentic, and Powerful Eating Psychology Program on Planet Earth.

Once you have a clear understanding of how your day-to-day behavior is manipulated and are given the practical tools Decode Your Cravings provides, you’re unstoppable for the rest of your life.


Getting and keeping a body and life you love isn’t just about knowing what to eat and how to move. That’s a small part of it. By far, the 95%+ failure rate in the health and fitness industry is caused by a gross failure to focus on the mindset and psychology of the individual—the core factor that determines day-to-day behavior. When people are given the insight and tools needed to be consistent, the success rate is astronomical.
~ Kevin Geary | Creator of Decode Your Cravings

8 Statements That Will Help You Understand What Decoding Your Cravings Feels Like (#8 is Absolutely Critical)...

“It feels like a huge weight has been lifted…”

Why this happens: The physical weight you carry around when you’re not healthy is nothing compared to the mental and emotional weight. When you do the important work of overcoming manipulators, fulfilling core cravings, and healing your relationship with food and self, you truly remove a massive burden from your life. This doesn’t just help heal your relationship with food—it creates ripples that positively impact every corner of your life.

“Ditching the dogma around exercise has been game-changing. I’m moving more than ever now and it feels fantastic…”

Why this happens: Movement is a core human need that bad advice about “exercising” has disconnected us from. When this programming is overcome and we’re free to move in ways that we love and that inspire us, we regain our intrinsic movement motivation and consistency becomes effortless.

“I’m not turning to food for comfort like I was in the past. But it’s not just that—it’s like the need to “cope” is completely going away…”

Why this happens: Coping behavior is driven by the stress of BioPsychoSocial manipulators, unfulfilled core cravings, and an unhealthy relationship with food, body, and self. By addressing these root issues, the need to cope is reduced tremendously. Rather than getting in control through control (willpower/discipline), you get in control through a process of healing and fulfillment.

“When stress does hit me hard, I don’t completely go off the rails anymore. That’s been huge…”

Why this happens: Every human being has a physical, mental, and emotional resources “bank account.” This account is constantly drained by BioPsychoSocial manipulators, unfulfilled core cravings, shame, guilt, fear, and stress. Doing the work to address these root causes restores your “account balance,” so when stress hits, you have the resources necessary to deal with it without turning to medicating with foods and other destructive behaviors.

“I’ve felt a real shift from self-sabotage to self-care and self-love…”

Why this happens: When you stop running away from things (calories, sugar, cravings, etc.) and start running toward the circumstances that make you feel happy, fulfilled, and alive, you begin to love your life more. When you love your life more, you also love your Self more. And you love your body more. By investing in yourself in this way, you regain the intrinsic motivation to nourish yourself with food, movement, and healthy lifestyle habits. Decode Your Cravings is a practice of self-care that translates directly to self-love.

“I feel totally in control in situations that used to feel out of control…”

Why this happens: When you’re triggered, which happens repeatedly in certain situations, your Authentic Self is pushed into the passenger seat and a “sub-personality” (a perfectionist, a people-pleaser, a compulsive one, etc.) takes the wheel. This often leads to destructive behavior and choices that don’t align with your intentions. By understanding and properly integrating your loudest sub-personalities, your Authentic Self is able to remain in the driver’s seat, even in difficult situations.

“For the first time, I truly feel like I will never fall off the wagon ever again…”

Why this happens: The fear of falling off the wagon is driven by the subconscious understanding that you really haven’t done important work. This is common in traditional health and fitness scenarios where the focus is on superficial factors like calories and exercise and quick-fix thinking. You know that your willpower will run out and that your discipline might fail. When you do the real work to regain your intrinsic motivation, willpower and discipline are no longer necessary and the fear of failure disappears.

“It feels like making healthier choices has required far less effort. It’s just starting to feel like this is ‘who I am…'”

Why this happens: Using willpower and discipline is hard because it requires force. You’re forcing yourself to do things. There’s no intrinsic motivation. It’s an endless game of carrots (weight loss, pseudo-confidence, six pack abs, etc.) and sticks (shame, guilt, self-criticism, abusive exercise, etc.). You’re “playing healthy” instead of “being healthy.” When you do the real work to “be” something, you can stop acting as such.

What we’ve been taught about “cravings” is so unbelievably misguided. What we tend of think of as cravings—a desire for comfort foods or sugar—is often the consequence of ignoring the deeper, core cravings we have as human beings. To be successful we must stop running away from certain foods and start running toward the circumstances that make us feel happy, fulfilled, and alive.
~ Kevin Geary | Creator of Decode Your Cravings

What People Are Saying...

Here are a few of the reviews and testimonials we’ve received from Decode Your Cravings clients…

Easily the most insightful and effective program I’ve ever done. Without a doubt, what I learned in Decode Your Cravings is going help me for the rest of my life. I can’t wait to begin Total Body Reboot next! Thank you, thank you!

Jackie | Decode Your Cravings Member

I liked the concept of having “a healthy relationship with food” but didn’t really “get it” before I joined Decode Your Cravings. It’s been 30 days and now I’m starting to FEEL what that phrase means and it’s completely liberating. Oh, and I know this isn’t a weight loss program but I dropped 9 pounds as well. Bonus!

Martina | Decode Your Cravings Member

I was a little skeptical when I started because I’ve done other programs in the past, but I can say without a doubt that Decode Your Cravings has taught me more about myself and my relationship with food than all the other programs I’ve done combined. Most importantly, though, this process has brought truly impactful changes to my life. It’s about way more than just eating. I’m busy telling everyone I can about it!

Jill | Decode Your Cravings Member

This program goes beyond anything I have ever done with regard to really understanding why I make the decisions I do – in all spheres of my life from what I eat, to how I make money, to how I interact with my family, and to how I know myself. If you do the work, you will find yourself. It doesn’t change you – you uncover your real self here. It’s hard work but the benefits are immeasurable!

Decode Your Cravings Member

I joined Decode Your Cravings because I know I will NEVER reach the goals I have for myself unless I do something to get in control around processed foods. This program was well organized and has given me a ton of strategies that I’ve put into use and they’re actually working! Love it and ready to continue on.

Mark | Decode Your Cravings Member