Online Courses.

Thoroughly Researched. Rigorously tested. Proven courses for an amazing life. Below, you’ll find my signature step-by-step systems for Rebooting your life. Every course is thoroughly researched and tested before it earns the Rebooted Body stamp of approval.

  • Total Body Reboot
    Press the reset button on your life with our signature online course that everyone is raving about. Total Body Reboot uses a unique blend of science, support, and psychology to reprogram your body and mind for sustainable fat loss, vibrant health, and peak performance.
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  • Shut Down Your Sugar Cravings
    A four week mini-Reboot that uses science and psychology to help you break free from the chains of sugar and processed food dependency. No detoxes, cleanses, or other gimmicks — this is a proven, long-term approach to freedom and control and a perfect stepping stone to Total Body Reboot.
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Action Guides.

Below, you’ll find my premium action guides focused on helping you Rebooting very specific areas of your life. Every guide is thoroughly researched before it’s released and is written to be as comprehensive as possible.

  • 8 Unhealthy Eating Triggers & How to Conquer Them
    Do you believe in the willpower myth? Have trouble breaking old habits? It’s not as simple as the “experts” make it out to be. There are 8 unhealthy eating triggers that cause hunger, cravings, shame, and guilt and lead you to feel out of control with food. That ends now. I’m going to show you how to conquer these eight common triggers so you can finally take back the reigns.
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  • REM Rehab: Reboot Your Sleep, Feel Amazing, Light Your Productivity On Fire
    A two week study of weight loss participants showed that those whose sleep quantity or quality was poor lost 55% LESS fat than those whose sleep was dialed in. That’s only one example of how important sleep is. In REM Rehab, you’ll follow a step by step process of rebooting your sleep for faster fat loss, unstoppable energy, and improved health.
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